Publication, 2017
The increasing digitalisation of our everyday lives do more than simply provide information but have become entities in their own right. Such phenomena is evident in the environment around us, and in an unseen and pervasive fashion they take on lives of their own, becoming seemingly autonomous and out of control. Autoplay is a quarterly magazine that recognises the need to challenge perceptions regarding the way we depend on digital objects to function. The first issue, The Aesthetic of Failure, exposes the grain of computation through the ‘glitch’—a symbol of noise and disruption. The issue features a range of stories from the mysterious case of a disappearing island, to the mutation of internet viruses, to pixelation of military warfare.

Text Sources: 
(1) Obituary: Sandy Island (1876—2012) by Maria Seton, Simon Williams, Sabin Zahirovic and Steven Micklethwaite
(2) Computer Viruses Could Move into Biological Realm, Researcher Says by Loek Essers
(3) The Story Behind China’s ‘Minecraft’ Military Camo by Jack Stewart