Publication, 2018
The phenomena of how machines and algorithms imitate human attributes, and in some cases, supersede human capabilities can be unsettling. These intelligent systems are modelled loosely after the human brain, possessing deep neural networks with a multitude of hidden layers interweaved and interconnected in a dense, incomprehensible web. Issue 2 of Autoplay carefully curates stories concerning the deep, dark and often dangerous qualities of artificial intellgience. The non-linearity of such frameworks inherent in intelligent systems allow it to perform in such a way that only a human once could.

Text Sources:
(1) This Horrifying ‘Slaughterbot’ Video is the Best Warning Against Autonomous Weapons by David Nield
(2) The Movement of A Robot by Emily Toder
(3) The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI  by MIT Technology Review

(4) Algorithm Politics: A Threat to Democracy by